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Million Handshakes - A set of tools enabling even the largest enterprise to act in synchroni..
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Lead Track Software - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software program and tool desig..
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MRH Technology Group - Offers Tour de Force, a customer relationship management and sales fo..
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LeadMaster, Inc. - A customizable web-based sales and marketing database for lead management..
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Norkom Technologies, Inc. - A web designed intelligent customer interaction platform uses ma..
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LexisNexis InterAction - Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing database, and con..
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Onyx Software Corporation - Web-based scalable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strate..
Hits 700

MACS Software - Standard and optional components provide a graphical presentation to manage ..
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Orcim Soft Inc. - Critical solutions provider that specializes in providing eDiagnostic, cus..
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Magsoft International LLC - Organization emphasizes sales e-business solutions to balance be..
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