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Visions Group - Seminars, workshops and keynote programs designed to increase productivity in the area of human perfo..
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Stan Goldberg, Ph.D. - Offers consulting and coaching, as well as presentations and workshops on change and end of li..
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Suttle Enterprises - Parenting, personal and professional growth seminars and keynote presentations. Michigan. ..
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Terry Hershey - Inspirational speaker and author on intimacy, relationships and spiritual growth. Washington. ..
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The 1% Club, Inc. - Motivational and keynote speakers and authors coach and give talks on health, family, personal de..
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The Virtues Project - Workshops on personal growth, parenting, character education, leadership and community developm..
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Universal Events - Offers inspiring business and personal development seminars featuring many leading presenters. I..
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Vals Fauquier: EverLink Global Enterprises Inc. - Courses and workshops in personal growth, leadership, communication..
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Rev. Karen Russo: Live Your Truth Enterprises, LLC - "Your Beautiful Spirit" programs, seminars, and produ..
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Rita Emmett - Author of "The Procrastinator's Handbook" presents interactive keynotes and seminars on procr..
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